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"These people end up becoming like a family, you know? Got a good group here they’re really wholesome and they’re… kind and they’re sweet. And so, I’m glad to be able to come to work with a lot of them." - Stana Katic

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Don’t let him do anything stupid.

I loved the scenes that had all three of them in it. More of them please (as long as poor Alexis isn’t the one to keep them from getting down next week, I can just picture the vicious fandom hatred already…). I feel like I’ve already seen them interact more as a trio this season than I saw all last season.

^ I bet you anything that MQ won’t be in the episode next week since it is the Creasey’s episode and she wasn’t in the episodes they wrote last season (6x08 and 6x15). The Creaseys know what the fans want. 

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