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Headcanon game - Kate puts off any serious talk of kids because while she trusts Castle and knows he'd be an awesome dad, she also knows what's out there and, given her general workaholic lifestyle, is terrified those things will come together and screw up her kids.



Agree: in addition, there’s still some lingering trauma from losing her own mom, and never wanting to put her own children through that, no matter how unintentionally

There will always be uncertainty/fear when you’re a cop and you have kids…just ask my dad. However, I don’t see her as much of a workaholic as she was in the past. We’ve seen how excited she is when they get days off and it’s clear from their discussions, and Castle’s injuries, that they do go on vacation. Work was where she hid. Now she’s not hiding. She goes to work. Does it to the best of her ability and brings people to justice, but now she looks forward to being at home. It is possible to be passionate and dedicate to your job without putting your family second. 

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