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The Tenth Doctor And Rose

An assortment of images I had on my hard drive of the two of them being cute together.

David Tennant on Billie Piper:
On the subject of Rose, you can tell Tennant has already established a jokey, fun relationship with his co-star Billie Piper. “Billie Piper? I can’t bear the woman,” he says with a grin. “It’s becoming quite problematic, actually. We never film at the same time. We have to be edited together afterwards. We can’t be in the same room.”
        - The Herald - December 2005

Billie Piper on David Tennant:
I see him quite a lot, we are really good mates. I like everything about him, which makes it really easy to be in his company.  He’s a sweet, sweet guy. I call him to ask him all my acting questions and he always supports what I do.
        - Wales on Sunday - January 2008

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castle and beckett + "babe"

I’ve always wondered when she first called him babe. Was she seducing him? Was she telling him dinner was ready? Was rolling her eyes at his dorkiness? I just love it.

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